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Aamal Company is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance. Aamal Company view corporate governance as an important factor in delivering success.

The Company operates by applying clear lines of responsibility to the board and the management.

Board committees

The Board of Directors has formed five committees: 1) Audit Committee, 2) The Executive Committee, 3) Corporate Governance Committee, 4) Nomination Committee and 5) Compensation Committee. The dedicated committees meet regularly to assess operational effectiveness and ensure that the Company is performing in line with the set objectives.

Segregation of responsibility

The executives operate from a well-defined rule authorisation matrix and have various quantitative and qualitative targets set for them.

The executive management acts upon authorities approved by the Board of Directors. The company policies & procedures are reviewed and updated regularly.

Relations with shareholders

Aamal Company is committed to maintaining an active and open dialogue with its shareholders through a planned programme of investor relations activities centered around the financial reporting calendar. This programme includes formal presentations given at the half-year and full-year results as well hosting the Annual General Meeting. Our website has a dedicated investor relations section to provide further information for all investors or potential investors while our Investor Relations team provides a channel for any further queries to be answered.

Support systems

The Company uses the Oracle system as the primary Group IT system.

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