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13:10 on 20 July 2017

Dividend Policy

The declaration, amount and payment of dividends is determined by majority vote of the shareholders at an annual general meeting of the Company, generally, but not necessarily, on the recommendation of the board of directors.

Consistent with the Company's growth strategy in the near term, the Company currently plans to reinvest part or all of its profits in the development of its businesses and in new business opportunities as they become available. Future dividends will depend on the Company's results of operations, financial position, cash requirements, legal reserve and minimum capital requirements, future prospects and other factors deemed relevant by the board of directors and the shareholders.

Payment of Dividends

Pursuant to the Commercial Companies Law and Article 69 of the Company's Articles, the Company must transfer ten per cent. of net profits in each year to a statutory reserve until such reserve at least equals 50 per cent. of paid-up capital.  In addition, the Company is obligated, in accordance with Article 188 of the Commercial Companies Law and Article 69 of the Company's Articles, to set aside part of its profits to cover its liabilities towards its employees.   According to Article 69 of the Company's Articles, the percentage of net profit to be transferred to cover the Company's employment liabilities is determined by the General Assembly of the Company.

Article 70 of the Company's Articles provides that dividends shall be paid to shareholders at the place and on the dates (provided within thirty days of the resolution of the General Assembly) determined by the board of directors.